Power up your handyman business

Manage team members, check pricing and streamline payment processing with our all-in-one handyman software and hardware.

Job management just got easier

A handyman professional with equipment in her hands
Take payments from anywhere

Use Wi-Fi and cell data to process tap, dip and scan payments in ballrooms, bathrooms or backyards. Add-on a tip with ease.

A worker scanning products
Simplify inventory management

Say goodbye to manual counts. Use up to 500 SKUs and watch stock levels automatically update with our built-in barcode scanner.

A handyman professional with a phone in their hand
Send email and SMS receipts

Wrap projects with a professional touch by offering customers the option of a printed or email receipt.

A man leaning on a work vehicle with a tablet and phone
Integrate time tracking

Review estimated payroll expenses while job scheduling and use GPS tracking on our handyman app for precise staff location.

A handyman shaking a customer’s hand
Use digital invoicing to stay organized

Create digital invoices using customizable templates. View outstanding invoices and send automated payment confirmation emails.

Minimize your risk

Fear not — sensitive credit card data is encrypted and securely passed to Heartland, never stored on your phone or iPad.

Lean on our team

Depend on US-based customer support available 24/7 to answer calls in 30 seconds on average, so you're back on track faster.

Grow with confidence

Work on your own terms. Start with one solution, several or the full suite. Add on whenever you’re ready to achieve business goals.

Handyman point of sale, payments, and payroll solutions software close up

A partner you can count on

You deserve simple but powerful software that creates a painless workflow for your business with flexible payment options for your customers. Heartland’s handyman software solutions deliver just that.

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