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The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing and it’s shifting the way businesses interact with people. By simply connecting “things” and the data they produce, your business can gain deeper insights to improve overall performance.

Heartland provides developers and IoT solution providers with a full range of solutions—hardware, software and services—to enable connected devices to process payments and engage customers.

Simpler Payment Acceptance

Monetize and secure your solution with simple and easy SDKs

Seamless Integration

Save time and money with hardware and software integration into new or existing systems

Flexible Transactions

Enable payments of any size with a stored value platform

Targeted Customer Engagement

Build loyalty and maximize repeat purchases with turn-key CRM and customer engagement solutions




Heartland protects you and your customers from fraud and breaches by encrypting credit card data as soon as it enters the reader. Data is securely passed to Heartland and never stored on your mobile device to minimize risk.


24/7 Support

Award winning customer service agents based in the U.S. answer your call in less than 30 seconds on average.

Payment Processing

From micropayments to large ticket purchases, Heartland enables you to conduct commerce through any device with our payment processing SDKs and APIs.

Your IoT solution can be monetized for any required business solution, while the payment processing system securely stores payment information for subscription or per-usage payments. Whether working with a personalized IoT system or a major IoT platform, simple integration provides quick time to market and requires limited programming to get started.

See our Developer Portal for all the documentation you need to get up and running.


Heartland provides connected solutions by utilizing standard wireless interface modules and gateways, or developing a customized solution that fits your form factor. This end-to-end connected solution includes hardware and secure payment processing, while backend solutions include a central management portal and a mobile technician app to help you manage and maintain the connected devices.

Stored Value

IoT solutions often need a method to conduct frequent and secure small-ticket transactions. Stored value provides developers and platform providers a convenient solution for affordable micropayments. Heartland processes millions of stored value transactions per day and can deliver a turn-key solution to enable applications for payments of any size.

Customer Engagement and CRM

he Heartland customer engagement platform gives you the ability to apply rewards, campaign management and targeted marketing to your connected device strategy and distinguish your solution in the marketplace.

Our CRM platform is a fast and easy way to create a customer masterfile database and can provide a shortcut in the development of your overall IoT solution. You’re able to utilize the database, login and transaction history capabilities as part of the overall customer engagement solution.

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