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Sales professionals at a Heartland conference
Sales professionals at a Heartland conference
A different kind of opportunity

Every great sales professional knows relationships are the lifeblood of a successful sales career. Heartland was founded on the principle that these connections, and the transparency and trust needed to maintain them, are the most important investment we can make.

That's why a career with Heartland equips you with the products, people, income, benefits and support that add up to a life-changing job opportunity. Our sales professionals are able to build a rewarding career in fintech that delivers stability, growth and uncapped potential.

Here’s how we do it…

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Values and culture

In every interaction and every decision, we demonstrate care for our customers, focusing on the service and solutions that will deliver the best outcomes. We work hard to consistently provide best-in-class services to our customers and the partners who support them.

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Work-life balance

Heartland believes in work-life balance. We want you to feel connected and attentive to your work while also ensuring that it doesn’t encroach on your personal life — it should enhance it.

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Fintech meets human tech

Our tech strategy puts people first. Customers receive tech that’s simple, effective and scalable so they can focus on what comes next in their business.

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Powerful earning potential

Our outside sales professionals are compensated generously based on their performance, giving financial incentive to answer the phone when it rings. Plus, you’ll be eligible for lifetime residuals and vesting/portfolio ownership.

Every paycheck earned on every account you sell contributes to your household income, and there’s no limit to the amount of income you can earn.

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Benefits and incentives

Heartland sales professionals receive an excellent benefits package including health, vision, dental, and life insurance options, a W-2, 401(K) match and a discounted employee stock purchase program.

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Rewards for today and the future

Heartland offers fabulous incentive trips, attendance at elite conferences, a Diamond program that increases your compensation percentages and several recognition programs for high-level performance. An attainable path to leadership roles is another perk to look forward to.

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Support and resources

You are not alone on this journey. Pair up with another Heartland sales professional to share leads across channels in our Stronger Together program. Heartland also supplies marketing tools, a personal technology device, customer resource management software, performance analytics and other resources to help you do your job confidently and efficiently.

A career game-changer

Hear how Heartland has given these sales professionals life-changing opportunities:

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