Your Guide to Heartland On Demand

Friday, September 10, 2021

As a valued Heartland partner, your bank plays a crucial role in developing our shared, intuitive lead management portal. With On Demand, we’re making the referral process as easy as possible for you.

Every merchant business type qualifies, including the small, medium and large accounts in your portfolio. You can trust Heartland to deliver a simple and streamlined onboarding experience for merchant services clients.

Please take a moment to watch this video for more information.


How do I know if a merchant qualifies for the On Demand self-onboarding solution?

Simply enter the lead into the Heartland Partner Portal and our system takes care of the rest. Most merchants will qualify. Some merchants with complex business models will require help from a Heartland sales professional. Either way, the Partner Portal will inform you immediately.

It’s important to note the majority of the merchants in your bank's portfolio will qualify.

What rate should I tell a potential merchant you will be offering them?

Most qualified merchants will receive a rate of 2.9%, 25 cents per item and a $20 monthly minimum. Complex merchants will be offered a custom rate by a Heartland sales representative.

How competitive is this new solution when compared to Square or Clover?

Very competitive. Merchants you previously considered too big or small can be well-served by Heartland’s leading self-onboarding solution. Send all merchants through the Partner Portal. We welcome the opportunity to help them!

What is available through On Demand?

Qualified merchants can access Mobile Pay, Desk 3500, Terminal+ and Heartland Register through the self-onboarding solution.

What kind of information should I gather to start the application process?

You’ll need the business’ address and general contact information. It’s also helpful to know the type of business, how they accept payments and their annual payment processing volume.

How do I start the application process for merchants?

Access the Heartland Partner Portal and click on “Submit a Lead” at the top of the page. From the dropdown menu, select “Merchant Services Lead.” Complete the forms with the information you obtained from the merchant. Once you submit the completed forms, the system will immediately let you know if the merchant qualifies to onboard themselves or if their information will be turned over to a Heartland sales representative.

After I submit the lead, what do I do?

Look in your inbox for an email from Heartland. It provides instructions and important information for you to share with merchants. The system will also automatically send emails to all merchants with the steps they must take to complete the application process.

Where will the emails come from?

Look for emails from

What if the merchant does not receive their email?

Ask them to check their spam folder first. If it’s not there, have them reach out to the support team at 855-210-2571.

How long will it take the merchant to complete the application process?

Merchants should be able to complete the entire application process within 10-15 minutes.

What if the merchant doesn’t know the information they need to complete the process?

It’s OK if merchants don’t know everything off of the top of their head. Encourage them to gather the information they need prior to logging in and completing the application process. If that information is not readily or easily available, merchants can enter their best estimate.

What happens if the merchant has difficulty with self-onboarding?

Heartland is here to help! Ask merchants to call the specific support number located in the email they received after you submitted the form.

When will the merchant receive their equipment?

The merchant can expect to receive their equipment within 24-48 hours after their application is approved.

Once onboarded, who does the merchant call with billing questions?

They should call Heartland Customer Service at 888-963-3600.

What is the cancellation fee if a merchant wants to terminate their processing agreement early?

Merchants who wish to cancel their processing agreement before the end of a three-year period will be responsible for a $295 fee.

Who can your bank's employees call if they have a question?

Reach out to the Heartland team at 877-479-6973.